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Brotherhood, Viet Nam Vets and our Warriors in Iraq

It really doesn’t matter what war you fought in or whether it was 30 or 40 years ago, or just yesterday you went out on a battle field and put your life on the line for country and honor; soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen have a bond forged in a shared experience, blood, danger, and seeing your comrades die on the battle field. Just go in a local American Legion Post or VFW and you will see a bond that knows no generational barrier, a brotherhood of warriors. In honor of every man living who has fought in time of War or served in the U.S. Military, I post this tribute to our Viet Nam Vets from 2 brother warriors in Iraq. It is such a sweet tribute, and of course demonstrates the understanding and brotherhood I speak of. Thanks to all who have served and all who are still serving and Welcome Home!!!



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The MARINES – do you have what it takes to be one of us?

OOHHRRAAHH … Semper Fi … Do or die … Hold ’em high at 8th and I … Carry On…

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