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Remembrances of my parents.

My mother died in 1997 and my father died in 2001.  I find myself thinking back at the enormous impact they both had on my life, so I thought I would share a memory or two that I highly prize and invite you to do the same.  I have very strong feelings about how all children need a lot of involvement with their parents and I was richly blessed because I have so many fond memories, that when I think back on the warmth of their love and concern for so many years of my life, it fills me with comfort and gratitude.  Even now that they are gone, I still have those wonderful memories and it is a gift I so very much hope my own son’s will have when I am gone.

The one thing that I remember most about my mother, was the sense of pride I felt when she walked into a room.  She was a working mother, a telephone operator at Indiana Bell for many years while I was growing up.  One thing mother always did was allocate some of her “days off” to do things with us kids at our schools.  She would work at one of our parties and sometimes just come to the school to have lunch with us.  One memory that stands out in my mind was when she came for lunch when I was in 2nd grade.  She was working split shifts at the time and decided to come have lunch with me before she went home to do housework and take a “nap” before going back to work another 4 hours that evening.  She walked into the classroom in a very nice, classy dress, her hair and makeup meticulously done, but not over done and I felt so proud that she was my mother.  We had lunch and talked and laughed, my teacher let her see some of my work and when we went to recess Mom walked the playgroud with me and many of the girls in my class walked with us and some held her other hand.  Mother’s compassion and kindness lent her an aura of magic.  When mother passed away, there were so many people that came for visitation, so many who hadn’t seen her for 30 or 40 years, but relayed some wonderful stories about her and why after so many years, they felt compelled to come and share them with us.  I will always, in my mind and heart, carry her memory with me and have the comfort it gives me until I myself pass on.  What a wonderful gift it is.

My father was a former Marine and a die maker for GM.  He spent about 9 years coaching little league, was a tremendous joker and prankster, and you couldn’t go anywhere with him that usually serveral people would approach and greet him with great enthusiasm.  Dad had the heart and soul of a saint as well.  I remember when I was little, before I started school, he would get me up in the morning, dress me and put me in a ponytail, (usually he wasn’t too concerned whether my clothes matched, only that they were clean and pressed, and the ponytail was always crooked but neat) and we would go to run errands… the bank, the grocery, the post office and sometimes we’d meet Mom for lunch at the Beacon Pharmacy lunch counter or we’d just stop off at the gas station to see the older man who owned it and I would sit on the counter drinking a soda pop, listen to Dad tease the patrons and Bill would give me a handful of penny Tootsie Rolls!  Dad had a way of making me feel like the Center of the Universe, so I understood from a young age why Mom married him.  He was the most honorable, funny, trustworthy, man one could ever have for a Dad, a husband, a family member or a friend.  He always valued his integrity and that value served him well always.  And like my Mom, I was always proud to call him Dad (except maybe when he evil eyed my dates in high school????)  LOL!  That was my Dad!

Please feel free to share your valued memories of your parents.  Sometimes, it can just improve the day to put them out there and smile.        …musings of HoosierArmyMom

June 16, 2008 - Posted by | Commentaries


  1. Lovely.

    Comment by Cao | July 20, 2008

  2. I am most honored you liked that Cao. Thank you.

    Comment by hoosierarmymom | July 20, 2008

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