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My Angel Dog… Annie, 1993-2008

Anyone who reads much on this blog, knows that my co-blogger and I are “dog people”. This post is about my best girl and angel dog whom I affectionately named “Annie” after the little Orphan chronicled by comic strip artist Harold Gray in 1924. She came to me when I was a single mother living in a rougher neighborhood with my son, who was then in kindergarten. On the day Annie “choose us”, my son was playing with his friend from Montessori school out in the front yard, and they came in the house excited, “Mommy, come see the dog we found”!! Out in my front yard was a gorgeous, black retriever. She wouldn’t come to us, but she didn’t go away. I went inside and got a bowl and put serveral cans of tuna in it and got another bowl and put milk in it. Then I opened the gate on the fence and put the milk on the patio and took the tuna around front and showed it to her. I let her follow me around to the back patio and put the bowl down, instructing the boys to go inside along with me so she’d come in the backyard to eat. After about 3 days of feeding her, she got to where she’d be in the backyard when we returned home from school and work. On day three she came inside the house. We cleaned her up, gave her a collar and she became a part of the family. I could tell, she had been a mommy as her breasts were still stretched from nursing and had been dumped. She was afraid of older, gray haired men and wouldn’t let them in the front door, she was terrified of thunderstorms and would shake if you raised your voice or arms above waist level. She was about 2 years old when I took her to the Vet to have her shots done and to get her spayed.

We worked through her fears that obviously stemmed from her being abused, and she was absolutely a joy around children. She helped me teach my young son the lesson of total love and loyalty and that sometimes you get so much better than you give. Annie became a part of our small family and always gave us love and joy without fail. Yesterday, we said goodbye to our sick angel as she peacefully passed on to the “Rainbow Bridge”. Thank you Annie for all the years of happiness and “best friendship” you gave us. You are sadly missed and will be lovingly remembered for the rest of our lives.

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  1. OMG … this was not what I wanted to ever read … I’m very sorry to hear of your loss … rest assured, Annie is waiting for you on the opposite side of the Rainbow Bridge wagging her tail … knowing that someday soon, the two of you will be together for an eternity!

    Comment by Admin | June 22, 2008

  2. Thanks TA. I kinda hope she’s hanging out with my Dad, as he was a dog guy and really loved her after she got past being afraid of him. She used to hear his truck coming up the street and wait at the sidewalk for him. He’d open the door, she and my son would hop in and it was off for soft-serve ice cream. Dad was a great spoiler of grandkids and their dogs!

    Comment by HoosierArmyMom | June 22, 2008

  3. I am so sorry to learn of your loss. We are partial to black labs also and had a great black lab named Gypsy. So we share your feelings of loss.

    Comment by Betty Diaz | June 23, 2008

  4. Thank you Betty for your kind comment. I find it very comforting. Dogs are simply are valued part of our families if we treat them that way.

    Comment by HoosierArmyMom | June 23, 2008

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