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John “Top” Holland’s new book is out.

I am honored to provide a link by which you can order a book written by a true American hero, John “Top” Holland. He has been active in the POW/MIA movement from day one and has worked tirelessly to get government to do the right thing for these heros who were left behind. It is my personal honor to promote this important book and in doing so, raise the awareness of others, about what the issue is and what we as Americans need to do to make it right for so many who served and the families who were left hanging in the process. The following email sent out by Danny “Greasy” Belcher, a man who has lead the POW/MIA project called “Task Force Omega” for many years and himself a Nam Vet.

The Government Cabal That Knowingly Abandoned Our Prisoners of War And Left Them to Die

Subject: Book by John “Top” Holland

Danny “Greasy” Belcher, Executive Director Task Force Omega of KY Inc.
Vietnam Infantry Sgt. 68-69
“D” Troop. 7th Sqdn., 1st Air Cavalry

Most of those involved in the POW/MIA issue for any time recognize the name John “Top” Holland.
He is a WWII, Korea, and Vietnam infantry leader. His history is that of a legend. He has lived
a life that others could not imagine any one could ever survive one war through, much less
three major wars. He is for real.

I have read Perfidy by John “Top” Holland and Father Pat Bascio.
It will help anyone understand what has happened to the still living and abandoned POWs over
the years. It shows some of the players involved in the abandonment and those who wanted
the truth and those still alive brought home. The link below is where to order this book.

Perfidy by John “Top” Holland and Father Pat Bascio available through The American Free Press.


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  1. IF only “Top” had been able to get this book out some months earlier. I have always had a feeling that he could have been played like this. I don’t remember “Little Johnny” asking forgiveness for his traitorous actions as did Hanoi Jane(Fonda) did. His being a few steps up from Jane’s, given his position in the military. Even as a professing Christian, it is hard to forgive but, it is not meant for us to forget the person and the act — for that same spirit may easily return to the person and if received willingly, the person will commit the same or similar act or acts. The main reason that God is being politically ‘confined’, is that his Word warns us that “our warfare is not carnal(in the flesh) but, (in a more understandable term) spiritual. Given that the spirit of the man drives the man. To many people have begun to ‘see’ that as present fact and the only place for proper learning is through Godly trained people. Though other nationalities understand the ‘Spirit Realm’, most Americans don’t …. unless they regressed into Satanism.

    This new book of “TOP’S” opens the door to a “different” type of warfare, though it’s one that has been use for centuries. Hollywood makes fortunes each year by making the gullible believe it’s “Only true in the movies and on TV”. Hopefully his book will help people see at least this one side of deception. Gen. MacArthur and others feared an overthrow from the inside and only a handfull of us believed them. I think we might rate as “Conspiracy Theorists” yet, they were right and we were right to follow.

    “Top” is a “Man among Men” and a “True Patriot among Patriots”. I might also add, He rides rather well, along side of Paul Revere. Another ‘good thing’ rises out of the chaos of blood and death … in “the ‘Nam”! Be glad to watch your back in this one, Top.

    Comment by Jim Kimbrough (Alabama Patriot) | October 25, 2008

  2. So many don’t understand the manipulations (by our enemies) that were involved in turning a war that we were winning into a withdrawal, and the dishonorable way those who were manipulated treated our returning Nam Vets. It is all happening again with the War on Terror. Top Holland is one of the finest patriots we have in our society and thank you for your insightful comment Mr. Kimbrough, it is always an honor to have a good person and patriot visit my blog and appreciate the things this ole gal holds dear. God, my country, our military and honored Vets are dear to my heart.

    Comment by hoosierarmymom | October 25, 2008

  3. john “top” holland is my grandfather

    Comment by David RIPPS HOLLAND | November 6, 2009

  4. Your grandfather, in my opinion is a great American hero and a wonderful man. You are blest to have his blood in your veins. He is truly amazing and admired by all the Vets who know him and his service.

    Comment by hoosierarmymom | November 7, 2009

  5. John… was not only my dearest true friend, but he was also like a father in many ways… ( HE WAS SO PROUD WHEN HIS SON MSDE GUNNY )
    when I departed, we knew we would never see each other again, but it was so good to hear his voice over the phone many years later…
    rest in peace my true friend… rest in peace for all you have given to this GREAT REPUBLIC.
    your true friend… Ron

    Comment by Ron | October 7, 2013

  6. its not what your country can do for you
    its what you can do for your country-
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    Comment by David Ripps Holland | February 11, 2014

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