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Why I love my German Shepherd.

My darling Wulfie

My darling Wulfie

I have owned Wolfgang for 9 years so this story really touched my heart. I have never had a dog who is more intelligent, loyal, loving and dedicated to my well being.

Owning a German Shepherd is just one of the best pet choices of my life. It doesn’t matter how the world treats me or how bad my day may be, when I come home I always know it is to the love and protection that is constant and always there. How fortunate I am to know such unfailing love and loyalty. And if you happen by… never, and I mean never, put yourself between me and my dog, with ill intent. I know that this dog would put his own life on the line to protect me, and he never fails me. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if the people around us were more like him.

German shepherd guards her owner for 6 weeks after he dies

Sara Baysinger of La Salle sits with Cash, the family’s 3-year-old German shepherd who was rescued Sunday and taken to the Humane Society of Weld County. Baysinger said that Cash is in surprisingly good health considering the six weeks she survived on her own.

In an amazing display of loyalty, officials now believe a German shepherd dog stayed at her master’s side for six weeks after the man had killed himself out on the prairie.
The dog, “Cash,” was found alive Sunday, next to the body of her master, Jake Baysinger, 25, a resident of La Salle before his life ended on the Pawnee National Grassland.
When Baysinger was first reported missing and suicidal on June 28, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office conducted an extensive search on land and by airplane, but they were unable to locate Baysinger or his pickup.
Undersheriff Margie Martinez said the pickup was found Sunday near the body, but it was in an area that was difficult to see from the road or air. The Pawnee National Grasslands contains almost 200,000 acres — about one-quarter the size of Rhode Island. He was found near the intersection of Weld County Road 73 and 104, northwest of Briggsdale.
The body was found Sunday because a rancher saw the dog and went to investigate, finding Baysinger’s body. Baysinger’s gun lay nearby, and it’s believe he shot himself.
On Monday, Sara Baysinger, the victim’s wife, took Cash home with her from the Humane Society of Weld County shelter. “At least we know it’s over now,” Sara Baysinger said. “We’d been looking for my husband for six weeks, and this isn’t how we wanted it to end, at least we can close this.”
Sara Baysinger has a 2-year-old son, Lane, who was happy to see Cash come home. “He’s very close to that dog,” Sara Baysinger said. “He’s very happy to see (Cash).”
The dog was friendly when found, although she was thin and dehydrated, deputies said. She was checked at the humane society, and Baysinger said she had their own vet check the dog, also.

Investigators also said the dog probably protected her master’s body by keeping coyotes away.


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  1. Hello,

    I googled the news story and your blog came up in the searches. I thought the title was completely reflective of how I feel about my German Shepherd mix. I do believe he would protect me with his life. However, I do wonder about your comment:
    “And if you happen by… never, and I mean never, put yourself between me and my dog.”
    Although my dog would give his life for me, when my friends happen by, they can feel free to hug me hello and greet me without fear that my dog will feel threatened because he is well trained to know the difference between when I am threatened and when I am not.
    I’m hoping that maybe you meant this in the threatening sense, rather than a friend casually putting themselves between you and your dog. I comment because I don’t want readers out there thinking that German Shepherds are violent and overprotective of their owners/family.

    Comment by Sam | August 17, 2008

  2. Well Sam, with regard to your comment, I just made an editorial change to my post. You are most correct. Wulfie is just like a child, charming and great with people once I assure him that they are “OK”. You are right, their instincts tell them much. He is absolutely the smartest dog I have ever had (and the biggest ham!) He gives a good warning growl when he is unsure, but he doesn’t just jump on people. And people he knows, can come right in and he won’t do anything but greet them. Kind of a “pet me and I’ll let you by” thing! LOL!!! Thanks for the great comment Sam.

    Comment by hoosierarmymom | August 18, 2008

  3. […] breed was named German Shepherd as they used to help shepherds herd and protect sheep. But when World War I was over, dog breeders […]

    Pingback by Alsations or GSDs? « spinnin’ a yarn | August 19, 2008

  4. that was a cute dog and i would love one of them!

    Comment by diane | June 27, 2009

  5. Don’t you just love German Shepherds 🙂 What amazing dogs they are 😀

    Comment by German Shepherd Owner | August 4, 2009

  6. I have found that amazing is an appropriate description. 🙂

    Comment by hoosierarmymom | August 8, 2009

  7. I love german sheperd.My dog is very sweet,cool but bit lazy.i like it very mush.Affection bond between me and my GM.If it comes to my room i give a great welcome.I love and respect my dog.I never beat or scold my dog even it does any harm.

    Comment by Raghu | February 12, 2010

  8. German Shepherds are simply wonderful dogs. I can’t say enough about mine. My best friend has a rescue police dog. She got very sick and she was probably going to be put down. My friend took her to Purdue University and they have worked with a surgery and special diet and she is doing very well. She is the sweetest dog on the planet! Thank you for your comment Raghu and sharing.

    Comment by hoosierarmymom | February 16, 2010

  9. I have German Shepherd ,well for 2.2 years…lots of training,rewards,i cried when he won,all the best and Hapy New year !My baby is sleeping ,the best ever humman happened to me.

    Comment by george | December 29, 2010

  10. big boy ,but ,big hart,GSD is the best…if trained…..

    Comment by george | December 29, 2010

  11. i have to take him out :mornig ,evening : 6 hours a day …..sunday school….3hours…good boy…now,never get one fot CHRISTMAS!…..great ,beautiful dog,i work from home…

    Comment by george | December 29, 2010

  12. I reeeeaaallllyyy want a dog like this! I personally think they are the best breed every aside from how much they shed!

    Comment by shy | April 5, 2011

  13. My sweet Culloden, a 4 year old male, is the best dog ever! Not only is he beautiful, but loyal, kind, funny and so very loving and protective. GSDs are the absolute best dog ever. We spend all kinds of time outside swimming, hiking, walking in the park, or playing soccer (he’s a goalie dog!). BTW, he only wears a collar when he goes outside – it bugs him inside the house. What a good friend Culloden is! Yes, and I did buy an SUV so Culloden could always go along with us, no matter whereto. He loves car trips and loves staying with us anywhere.

    Comment by Renate | May 30, 2012

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