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I found a very kewl prayer site today sponsored by Shepherd’s Care Ministries.  It offers prayers on just about anything you can think of.  You can go to the link here and check it out.  Very neat place to browse.

A Prayer About Perseverance In Perilous Times

Precious Father,
Precious Lord Jesus,
Wonderful Holy Spirit,
Thank you for being my Savior and Lord.
Thank you for these few moments of communion with you.
I love you Lord.
Thank you for your sacrifice for me on the Cross.
My world is awash in peril of nearly every kind.
Nature’s wrath is visited upon people in all corners of the globe.
War is being waged.
Economic strife builds day by day.
During the coming days be with me and give me your love so I can prevail over the darkness of my world.
During the coming days be with me and stand by me because I know I can persevere and be renewed through you.
During the coming days uplift me so I can find courage to stand against evil in all its forms because I know you are with me.
In your kingdom, I know I am called to be your child upon the earth.
Help me as I try to be your witness and show courage in the face of fear, doubt, and anxiety.
Inspire in me a clean heart and a clean mind seeking only to glorify your name as I do battle against the evil one.
Instill in me an unfaltering spirit.
In the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit who lives in me and touches me,

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