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Post from the heart of a troop on Hello Iraq.


Every time I read a post on a military blog I feel so much pride that we have such fine young men and women serving our great country, I could burst.  This is an excerpt from a post that was written this month by devildog6771 and I recomend you click this link and read the entire post.  It does America proud!

Our military is not just an instrument of war — Blogpost From: Hello Iraq

Since the early days when the first settlers came to America and founded our great nation, brave men and women have defended our nation from enemies, both foreign and domestic. When enemies attacked the early settlers men and women stood toe to toe, side by side, fighting off the attackers. Later, militias were formed. Though there were no women in the militias as far as I can determine, the women still looked after the home front while their men defended them in battle. They established undergrounds and performed many great deeds of  courage.
From the very inception of our nation, we Americans, a hodge podge nation of European poor, indentured, wealthy, educated, and uneducated, all walks of social and economic life, came to America; and, did what Europe and no single nation previously could, united as a single body of people under one flag, one constitution, and one common ideal, democracy, and
became the great nation we are today.

by devildog6771 from the heart on 11/12/08

A quote from Mohandmas Gandhi: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

I think that quote best describes what happens when our young people enter the military!

November 30, 2008 - Posted by | In the News

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