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Carnival of Christmas on CatHouse Chat


Kat over at CatHouse Chat has put together the 2008 Carnival of Christmas on her blog, and I must say, if you haven’t been there before, it is simply amazing.  She provides the best of the best in Holiday Spirit and Heart from all over the conservative blogsphere, and it is a must read, mull over and enjoy piece.  Kat has managed to put a lot of work and time into finding delightful Christmas posts from all over the blogsphere, so it is worth scooting on over and checking out.  Thanks to Kat for honoring me with the the Pride of place this year along with Gayle at Dragon Lady’s Den.

Pride of place this year goes to Hoosier Army Mom, who reminds us of the men and women in our armed forces. These brave and unselfish citizens volunteered to serve our country in a time of war, and many are far away from home and family. Please remember them in your prayers, and go over to buy them some phone cards at the Online Military Exchange.Our second pride of place entry goes to Gayle, who writes of Christmas Lost and Found. Truly, this is a wonderful post about how God can – and does! – turn mourning into dancing, and works all things together for good to His called. Gayle is a perfect example of this year’s REJOICE! theme!

Thanks to Kat for a wonderful presentation on the theme Rejoice!

To everyone, have a wonderful, safe and memorable Christmas and joyous New Year.

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