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Time to rest and re-focus.

During a snow storm 3 days ago,  2 young men ages 27 and 28, were killed on the interstate, in a pileup of about 60 vehicles. This got personal for me when I realized, my very best and dearest friend of 30 some years was the aunt of the 27 year old, and I had watched his father grow up (my friend oldest younger brother!) and him as well.  He had grown up and married a wonderful young woman who happened to be the niece of a wonderful friend I had known since high school.  So, the tragedy has reached out and touched my heart in may ways and I am not in much of a mood to post anything.  Life kind of goes in these cycles where one must cling to the lessons in life, figure out what is truly of value and take time to reach within to rest the restless soul and allow it to heal.  Needless to say, I have had way too much going on and will take a break for a few days.

May God comfort Dusty’s family and loved ones with the memory of how terrific he really was, may his children always have the wonderful memory of him and his boundless love for them, and may his memory help give them all the strength for get through this time and move on till the time comes for them all to be together again in the kingdom.  May the smiling, blue-eyed boy turned wonderful father, husband and man,  find his way to heaven and God’s comfort and may he never be forgotton.



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