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Warning…New Botnet Worm ‘Psyb0t’ Targets Modems, Routers

In my effort to help keep my readers informed of new virus threats on the web, here’s another one to watch out for, (courtesy of Info Packets):

by Bill Lindner
Infopackets Contributor

Filed Under: Security

A new type of worm has been reported to infect 55 different home-based
routers and DSL/cable modems has been discovered. Originating in Australia,
Psyb0t, is the first worm capable of infecting residential routers and
modems, including common brands like Linksys and Netgear. A blog post from
DroneBL researchers says that Psyb0t (also known as Bluepill) is suspected
of infecting at least 100,000 …

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